Design Thinking

Design Thinkers:

Does your organisation have the ability to look at something ordinary and see the extraordinary?

If, as Henry Ford has claimed, thinking is one of the hardest things to do (which is probably the reason why so few engage in it), then thinking outside of the box is even harder still. Design thinking is an innovative way to solve problems and discover new opportunities. Here at Evolve we make thinking outside of the box fun, creative and second nature.

A hallmark of our approach at EVOLVE is our inclusion of participants, stakeholders and community in the design of any program (co-design).  We explore in detail the WHY (Purpose) and WHO (Needs of Participants) before developing a detailed approach (HOW). We create practical solutions that are strengths based and solutions focused.

We have been applying a design thinking approach for over 10 years now. This approach underpins our unique engagement models – the Evolve Engaged Community ™ and Meeting Marketplace™ and applies key design thinking principles of:

  • Collaboration – embracing differences to encourage multiple perspectives
  • Redefining & reframing – stepping back and looking at challenges from different angles
  • Ideation – no idea is too wild (brainstorming)
  • Prototyping – validating concepts by testing it out and getting users’ feedback quickly
  • Iterating relentlessly

In working with us, you will find that we spend considerable time up front to make sure that we understand your needs, aspirations, challenges and to explore how we can best help and support you.

Read here for more case studies and partnerships with our clients tackling wicked and complex problems and creating tangible solutions.

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