Carla Rogers

It is no surprise given Carla’s insatiable quest for knowledge and adventure that Evolve has its name. Always seeking to improve, Carla’s boundless energy and curious mind led her on a Churchill Fellowship journey within and beyond Australia to discover innovative community engagement and facilitation approaches. Carla packaged these ideas into award winning, popular solutions such as the Evolve Engaged Community™ model and Meeting Marketplace™. Our clients most often describe Carla as communicative, engaging, inclusive, professional and authentic. Her wealth of experience includes senior executive roles in the private and public sector and she is respected as a leading provider of stakeholder and community engagement services.

Carla’s Credentials

Munya Andrews

A Bardi woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Munya brings a unique perspective to Evolve Communities.  Renowned for her intellectual prowess, quick wit and sense of humour, she is forwarded by Melbourne University as a ‘leading Australian thinker’. A firm believer in the praxis of knowledge, Munya excels in analysing complex theory, breaking it down into information that is easily understood and applied to everyday life. Her personal mantra that ‘every problem has a solution’ is the perfect fit for design thinking. Coupled with a creative mind and entrepreneurial flair, Munya has developed a series of fun, interactive, learning activities, systems and techniques to teach cultural awareness about peoples and organisations.

Munya’s Credentials

  • supply nation certified
  • evolve case study
  • Michael Wilkinson
  • Bob Dick Evolve
  • evolve case study
  • Evolve case study
  • Evovle across australia
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