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At Evolve we work with groups to create solutions to complex challenges. We do this in a way that is creative and collaborative.  We use a range of participatory and facilitation techniques including Open Space Technology, World Cafe and we have even created our own – the Meeting Marketplace™.

The Meeting Marketplace™ developed by Evolve is inspired by and captures the wealth of information often exchanged during the ‘cuppa and yarn’. It takes the best of our long tradition of ‘going to market’ and combines it with award winning design to make it easy for people to share information, ideas, and stories in a productive and enjoyable way. 

A marketplace celebrates and enables expression of diversity – in background, culture, age, literacy, gender, preferred learning and communication styles and converts this into sound and supported decisions. It caters to all modalities – kinaesthetic, auditory and visual.

 Meeting Marketplace™ used effectively for workshops, multi day conferences, strategic and business planning, conflict resolution,  large community meetings

The Formalised Cuppa and Yarn

  • Meeting Marketplace™ yields valid and rich information you can take away and use immediately. Everything at a marketplace is captured and used to create workable solutions.
  • There are separate stalls set up within the venue, just like a market, trade fair or an expo.They each offer different ways people can share ideas and information in response to an identified theme. 
  • Some spots encourage single interaction while others allow for group conversations.
  • People can choose how to share their ideas – through conversation, words, drawing, music or pictures.

Ready to Run a Marketplace of your Own?

Evolve has partnered with hundreds of clients, from large organisations, government departments to community groups – to support them in running their own marketplace.

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Contact us to see how the Marketplace could work for you .


We were completely inspired by the marketplace approach. I have been working in the health consulting industry for 20+ years and it is one of the best engagement methodologies I have ever used. Thank you for the marketplace – a great success.
Pieter Walker, Director, Qualitas Consortium Pty Ltd


solutions-quotes-topParticipants could see that the marketplace was a genuine engagement process and the client that community  engagement was no longer something to be scared of, providing value for the project, organisation and participants.”
Andrew Huffer, Director,
Andrew Huffer and Associates Pty. Ltd.


solutions-quotes-topThe meeting marketplace™ and Evolve community engagement model was a thunder bolt for me. This approach felt like an old friend and just makes sense. I commend you on your insight and sensitivity embedded into this framework, well done!
Jennifer Repper,
Jennifer Repper and Associates


solutions-quotes-topWe were searching for an innovative way to consult with the community. The meeting marketplace™ was exactly what we were looking for. It is fun, new, exciting and the toolkit provided us with a step by step guide. There is something for everyone in this approach!”
Elisia Dowling, Parks Victoria

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