EVOLVE has delivered Stakeholder and Community Engagement training to participants from a range of organisations across Australia, with a focus on embedding a culture of community engagement. Over 150 organisations have been represented in Evolve’s community engagement training programs. Key to our approach is to co-design each training program, through surveys and interviews, with participants and clients. These programs also teach, coach and mentor participant’s in research and evaluation skills. 

In 2011, EVOLVE worked with the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD), recipient of an  IAP2 award (International Association of Public Participation), to develop a pilot learning and capacity development program that assisted the Department in applying and implementing its newly adopted engagement framework – based on IAP2 core values. EVOLVE worked with the DPCD to develop and deliver a program that supported the Regional Teams’ program activities to build strong, resilient communities with the capacity to respond to the communities long term needs and challenges. EVOLVE has delivered similar comprehensive training, mentoring, cultural change programs for Air Services Australia, Department of Environment (Marine Division) , Eurobodalla Shire Council, GHD Environmental and IWES, Queensland University. Below is a taster of our client’s experiences of working with EVOLVE:

“When looking for someone to conduct stakeholder engagement training for our staff, Carla Rogers from Evolve Communities was on the top of the list of recommendations. Carla’s training style, the principles underpinning her training program and experiential approach proved to be a very powerful learning experience for our participants.

 Carla is obviously a very experienced facilitator and our team benefited not only from learning about the engagement methodology, but also seeing it “in action” at the same time. As a result of Evolve’s training, our team has developed a much deeper appreciation and acceptance of engagement with stakeholders. I would definitely recommend Evolve to other government agencies considering stakeholder engagement training.” Peter Byass,  Airservices Australia

 EVOLVE Communities was engaged to supplement the existing community engagement capabilities of our staff. While many staff members were experienced in community engagement, the approach across the organisation was inconsistent and needed to be standardised.

 Evolve’s approach to program development is very holistic and collaborative. Carla spent a considerable amount of pre-planning time discussing our aims and requirements so that an appropriate training and cultural change program could be developed to respond to the Department’s needs.

 As a result of Evolve’s training, there has been a visible cultural change towards stakeholder engagement within parts of our organisation”. Mark Martin, Victorian DPCD

EVOLVE Communities worked closely with our working group to ensure the training program was tailored and delivered to meet the needs and expectations of staff in State and Local Government. Carla was great to work with, modifying and adjusting the training materials or the sessions depending on the needs of the group. The training program was very interactive and provided a valuable opportunity to learn through participation, particularly through the use of the different engagement techniques. Carla is also very amenable to suggestions and adapting the sessions as required ensuring the room is engaged and active.

 Carla and her team are very knowledgeable and experienced in community engagement, bringing diverse views and approaches to their training, which provide for a supportive learning environment. I would recommend working with EVOLVE to deliver tailored community engagement training.”  Jasmine Lenders, Vic DPCD 

 EVOLVE’s training is the best of what you get out there. It is a great way to experience facilitation and is truly customised to the client’s needs. Carla especially brings a wealth of experience to the sessions. At the completion of EVOLVE’s 2 day stakeholder engagement/facilitation training I felt smarter, more informed and confident. I left with knowledge about facilitation and engagement techniques, skills in these and many alternatives to how I have previously approached meetings. If someone were considering working with EVOLVE, I would confidently recommend “do it!” Mirella Digenua,  formerly GHD Environmental


You can find out more about our community engagement training and cultural change programs here.

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