Leaders Day In

Design and facilitation of ‘Leaders Day In’  based on EVOLVE Meeting Marketplace™ approach, ATO – AUSTRALIAN TAXATION OFFICE

 EVOLVE worked with the ATO to create a ‘Leaders Day In’  that shared and modelled the principles of effective engagement, leadership and collaboration in a way that was fresh, innovative, inspiring; capturing the interest and enthusiasm of targeted staff. The main aim of the Leadership Forum (‘Leaders Day In’)  was to build business cohesion, organisational capability, and a sense of community. The ATO wished for the forum to be run in such a way that participants experienced community engagement, collaboration, consultation and leadership principles resulting in greater clarity about roles and improved communications.  This included the establishment of a design team, prior to the event, which enabled the input of all forum participants and also on-going mentoring and support of the forum team. The day was attended by over 150 ATO leaders at Senior Executive Service Level, including the Taxation Commissioner.

 Design and facilitation of Business and Industry Round-Table, DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND INDUSTRIES, NSW

DPI White Paper

EVOLVE worked with the Department to make the Business and Industry round table for the Illawarra Discussion Paper as inclusive and effective as possible. This included comprehensive and collaborative design of the workshop with the Department and participants: “Thanks Carla.  We are very pleased with how the workshop was received which is of course a credit to you. We would be very happy to use and recommend you for future similar workshops”. Linda Davis, NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure. 


Sydney University

Facilitation of ‘Gateway Transition Event for Organisational Change’, SYDNEY UNIVERSITY – based on OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY

EVOLVE worked with the University on its  ‘Gateway Transition’  program and event which was part of a critical step in its organisational change program. EVOLVE designed the event to share and model the principles of effective communication, leadership and collaboration; in a way  that was fresh, innovative, inspiring; capturing the interest and meeting the needs of targeted staff. The 2 day program provided  participants with opportunities to assist in building a culture of respect both for internal and external stakeholders; observe and participate in modelled processes for effective communication; express their reactions to changes to the program –and to have these views listened to; to work together on identified issues of concern; and in teams to problem solve and develop solutions; learning about proposed changes to the program and to seek greater understanding and clarity about roles; and in particular their role. The program was regarded a great success by all 150 attendees; at time where emotions and stakes were high. For more information read here.

Eurobodalla Deliberative Forums


EVOLVE was  engaged to facilitate a series of deliberative community forums to inform the drafting of  a 2030 Community Strategic Plan . This included working with a community reference group to draft and both critique a Community Strategic Plan, develop a set of objectives for the shire over the next twenty years, a set of realistic strategies to achieve those objectives and to identify responsible agencies and resources.



Evolve Meeting Marketplace

Big Day Out – Metamorphosing our organisation, HUNTER AREA HEALTH SERVICE

Mentoring, coaching and facilitation and support of strategic planning event based on Meeting Marketplace approach, exploring strategic  vision for HAHS – midwives.  Read more about the big day out here.





 2 Day Working Together Conference,  PCAP, North Queensland,   Ways to Work Together –  A Participatory Affair.

A two day conference facilitated by Carla Rogers, EVOLVE for Central PCAP (Priority Country Area Program)  – Strategies for community involvement in Education design and delivery. Based on EVOLVE Marketplace approach, including a range of participatory approaches including Open Space Technology and World Café.




Conference event, YP Connect, PLANNING INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA       

Evolve worked with the Young Planners of PIA, to guide and  support them in running their 2 day annual conference based on best practice community engagement principles.

“Thank you for facilitating YPConnect08 – Sydney.  Your contribution has assisted young planners in becoming leaders in their workplace and community as well as, unleash their magnificence by taking a leap forward towards a more inspiring and integral life. It is in this way, you have made a significant contribution to the continued professional development of Australia’s future leaders in planning”. James Li, YPConnect08 Convenor


You can find out more about Evolve’s meeting marketplace approach here.

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