The IAP2 is  the pre-eminent international organisation advancing the practice of public participation. 

A member since 2001, Carla has attended and presented at International and National IAP2 conferences over the past 11 years. Carla Rogers has also been on the Board of the IAP2 at various times; and as part of this role has developed and run professional development short courses and workshops on behalf of the IAP2.

Carla has published articles in the IAP2 International Journal: Participation Quarterly; for example, IAP2 Participation Quarterly 2003: Community Engagement – Sharing finding from a Churchill Fellowship”

A project led by Carla Rogers (for the NSW NPWS) was the first Australian project to win an IAP2 Core Values Award, presented in Ottawa Canada in 2003. You can read more about it here. The project was awarded for:

“The pathway and the techniques used demonstrate a method of applying best practice in public participation, as defined by the values of IAP2. The project suggests solutions for many challenges common to public participation programs. The pathway and many of the techniques adopted were both fresh and innovative. The adoption of a process of continuous improvement to workshop technique and approach, in consultation with workshop participants, was especially valuable. Finally, a POM is a legal document. This type of consultative process was a first for the agency in preparing a legal document and for similar legal documents within other agencies. The approach provides the practice of public participation with a new dimension”.

Read more about EVOLVE’s unique community engagement approaches. 

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