An EVOLVE team of 12 facilitated a multi-day National Conference for School Principals, based on Evolve’s Meeting Marketplace Approach. The conference had over 200 participants and was attended by the Prime Minister, and Minister for Education.

The following is a testimonial from conference organiser, Christine Lucas:

“I had the opportunity to work with Carla Rogers of EVOLVE recently when we engaged her team to facilitate a Australian Government forum, A National Conversation with Principals 2011, and was impressed by her high level of expertise in facilitation and responsiveness to short timeframes and changing priorities.
Carla brings a lot of genuine passion and experience to her work, and is committed to achieving the best outcomes for her clients, adopting a solutions based approach that emphasises good working relationships and cultivates trust. She developed a facilitation plan that elicited useful high level policy feedback from participants, ensuring that the consultation was inclusive and accommodating of different communication styles.
I was particularly impressed with Carla’s grasp of Indigenous issues, which assisted us in developing an incredibly useful session around the theme of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education to an audience who had a widely varied depth of knowledge and experience on this issue. At the event, the EVOLVE team worked to extremely tight timeframes and was required to be highly flexible in facilitating a challenging conference environment.
One of our key aims was to inspire and capture as many voices as possible and support maximum participation in the policy conversations- this was impressively achieved by EVOLVE. The majority of the feedback from Forum participants acknowledged this achievement. In addition, Carla provided a report and a well structured and thorough debrief following the forum.
It was a fantastic, unique and enriching professional experience to work with Carla, and her team. At all times she displayed a calm and professional manner, was quick to focus on solutions and was consistently good humoured and accommodating of our frequent last minute changes to requirements and timeframes. I believe her inclusive and authentically respectful communication style, and that of her team, makes her ideally suited to working in a remote Indigenous community setting”.  Christine Lucas, Australian Government Department of Education
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