Nigel russell Evolve Facilitator

Nigel  teaches, coaches and supports individuals and organisations to confidently plan and run highly effective meetings and virtual events. With Carla Rogers, Nigel formed – a vehicle for enabling powerful communications, collaborations and action – engaging people wherever they are located.

Nigel has an approach which quickly helps individuals and teams recognise and use their strengths – and their body language – even when these people work at a distance from headquarters. Nigel helps Boards plan and run highly productive meetings wherever Board members are located.

Nigel has trained, facilitated and coached in multinationals, not for profit and public sector through to community-based programs in Australia and overseas and across many industries including IT, Media, Health, Arts, Telecommunications, Primary Industries, Education and Financial Services.

Nigel has been working at a distance for over 25 years – broadcasting, instructional design of multimedia, distance education, e-learning, business coaching, virtual conference and webinars. Nigel has been training and facilitating within corporate and public organisations.  From early days of educational community broadcasting, facilitating the ABC’s online presence, introducing distance education into Mongolia, introducing workplace coaching, facilitating businesses to plan and run successful online Board meetings –  Nigel has been engaging organisations with a blended approach – facilitating their involvement and learning, and growing their confidence to achieve personal and business goals. 

Nigel specialises in effective, engaging virtual meetings – how organisations and individuals can plan and run small and large scale online events and meetings – where people can learn to collaborate and engage with anyone wherever they are, in a way that is professional, easy and natural.


  • Grad Dip Distance Education
  • Cert 1V Training and Assessment (including Distance Education)

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