Reconciliation Beyond The Referendium

The Voice to Parliament Referendum has taken place, and regardless of the outcome, the journey towards Reconciliation and Closing The Gap in Australia continues. 

Our message to you is not to be disheartened – listen to our co-Directors, Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers, in the video below:

We have identified SEVEN practical Actions for Allies to repair relationships, build resilience and keep showing up for First Nations peoples:

  1. Listen & Amplify Indigenous Voices:
  • Actively seek out, listen to and share First Nations peoples stories and experiences including their hopes for Reconciliation. 
  • Practice listening in the Indigenous way – with your heart as well as your ears – you can learn more about “Dadirri” here.
  • Share Indigenous perspectives, art, and achievements on social media.
  • Promote Indigenous authors, artists, and musicians.
  1. Take Personal Responsibility & Educate Yourself:
  • Learn about the experiences, histories, and struggles of First Nations peoples
  • Read books, watch documentaries, and follow Indigenous news sources.
  • Reflect on your biases and prejudices.
  • Challenge racism and discrimination when you encounter them.
  1. Support Indigenous Businesses:
  • Buy products and services from Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • Search the Supply Nation Database for certified First Nations suppliers
  • Attend Indigenous cultural events and festivals.
  1. Implement a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – at work and personally:
  • If your workplace has a RAP, actively participate in its initiatives.
  • Encourage your employer to create or enhance their RAP
  • As an individual, you can support policies that address Indigenous issues, such as healthcare, education, and justice.
  • Write to your local representatives and voice your concerns.
  1. Connect with Local Indigenous Organisations:
  • Find and volunteer with local Indigenous organisations.
  • Offer your skills and time to support their initiatives.
  1. Promote Cultural Awareness & Respect:
  1. Build Your Resilience

If you need support actioning any of the above in your workplace, consider reaching out to the team at Evolve Communities: Australia’s trusted authority for Indigenous cultural awareness and Ally training.

Our core offerings include:

For Organisations:

For Leaders:

Our big ten year goal is to inspire 10 million Allies to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia – will you join us?

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