Acknowledgement of Country Cards & Card Holder

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(Plus GST; Minimum purchase of 5 cards applies)

Shipping within Australia: $5.50

Performing an Acknowledgement of Country at an event is a great way to make First Nations staff, guests or stakeholders feel welcome. However, many people don’t feel confident with the wording, or are afraid that they will make a mistake and cause offence.

This credit-card sized Acknowledgement of Country card ensures that you will always have the right words for this important cultural protocol at your fingertips. It arrives housed in an attractive folder.

With a minimum purchase of five (5) cards, you’ll have enough to share with friends, family and colleagues too.

Do you have a large team? We can even co-brand the card for your organisation – get in touch to discuss your bulk order today!

Would you like any additional cards for just $2 each?

What is Country?

‘Country’ is an Aboriginal English term that has special significance for Indigenous people. It speaks to the special connection and love that Indigenous people feel for their traditional lands. People speak about Country with such warmth and affection as though they are speaking of family members.

They speak of feeling sorry for Country or of ‘growing up’ Country. People get their identity from Country because the land and the individual are as one.

Not surprisingly there are important cultural protocols relating to Country. Of these, the two most important ones are the Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country.

The Welcome can only be given by a Traditional Owner on whose land an event is held. An Acknowledgement, on the other hand, can be given by anyone regardless of whether or not they are Indigenous. It is a way of showing respect to the local Indigenous people and an act of reconciliation.

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