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You can book Evolve’s co-Directors and authors of Practical Reconciliation, Aunty Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers as speakers for your next event.

They make a formidable speaking and facilitation team, role-modelling Allyship,  Aunty Munya being an Elder and internationally renowned speaker and author  and Carla as a non-Indigenous Ally, Churchill Fellow and award winning specialist in the fields of leadership, allyship, community engagement and facilitation.

Aunty Munya and Carla can design and deliver a highly interactive, engaging session for your team or function on any topic related to Practical Reconciliation, Cultural Awareness and Allyship. 

(Please note that Aunty Munya only presents alone on the topics of Aboriginal Dreamtime, Spirituality and Languages).

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Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya Andrews | Indigenous cultural awareness speakers

Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya Andrews

Authors of Practical Reconciliation and Directors of Evolve Communities

Aunty Munya Andrews

Regarded by Melbourne University as a ‘leading Australian thinker’, Aunty Munya is an accomplished Indigenous author and barrister. She is fascinated by comparative religions, languages, mythology and science and intrigued by the way in which they interact and inform each other. As an Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya’s life purpose is to create a better understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal people, leaving behind a legacy of Dreamtime wisdom for generations to come.

Carla Rogers

Carla is an adventurous and creative soul, Churchill Fellow and highly respected program designer and facilitator. She has dedicated her career to supporting Indigenous people and strengthening relationships for all Australians. Her life’s purpose is to inspire Allies to join her to create kinder, more inclusive workplaces and communities.