Free Resources for Developing your Cultural Awareness and Confidence as an Ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Three Aboriginal girls walking along the beach, arm in arm and smiling - Evolve Close The gap Report 2024

Close The Gap Report

Download our snapshot of the Closing The Gap initiative in Australia.

Aly Training Webinar

Ally Training

In this free webinar, learn how to lead as a confident Ally and create a culturally safe workplace.

Online Privilege Walk

Online Privilege Walk

Uncover the gap that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Acknowledgement of Country Guide

Acknowledgement Of Country Generator

Find out the Traditional Owners of your area and download our guide to Acknowledging Country.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

D&I Training

Learn how to attract, develop and champion Indigenous talent in this free webinar.

2024 Evolve Calendar of Significant Indigenouds Dates Thumbnail

Indigenous Calendar

Significant dates to acknowledge our shared history and celebrate the resilience of Indigenous Australians.

Ask Aunty

Ask Aunty

Have you got questions about Aboriginal people and culture that you were afraid to ask?

Ask An Ally

Ask An Ally

Are you wondering how to show up for and support Indigenous people and communities?

Cultural Awareness Quiz

Cultural Awareness Quiz

How much do you know about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Culture?

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