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Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about how to be an effective Ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

Only about 3% of the Australian population is Indigenous. That means, in a room of 30 people, only one is likely to be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. We can’t leave it to the that one person to champion Reconciliation.

Many people tell us they would like to help, but they lack the confidence to take action and are afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing.

Our co-Director Carla Rogers has been working alongside First Nations people and communities for decades and, through trial and error, she’s learnt a thing or two about Allyship.

By sharing your questions and Carla’s answers below , we can learn together and develop our courage to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia.

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Answers from Carla, an experienced Ally

Who or what is an Ally?

How can I support my Indigenous colleagues?

Can an Indigenous Person Be An Ally?

How can I approach an Indigenous community to help me be a better Ally?

How can we face up our shared history?

What do I need to know about communication when working with Indigenous people?

What do you do when you make a mistake as an Ally?

How can I be sure I'm providing the right information?

Is it better to do a clumsy AOC than none at all?

How do I check I'm acknowledging the right mob?

How can I speak confidently as an Ally?

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