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Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about Aboriginal culture and life, but have never felt like you could ask?

The First Peoples of Australia belong to the oldest surviving culture on earth. When you think about it, that’s pretty incredible. But any culture that is handed down for up to 100,000 years is naturally going to be deep. It will be sophisticated, and it will be complex.

You may have questions. Many questions. Just like the ones that Aunty Munya Andrews (our co-Director and a Bardi Elder) has answered below.

There’s no such thing as a silly question and by sharing your questions, and Aunty’s answers, we can learn together and create a kinder, more inclusive Australia.

Can you really ask any question?

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Answers from Aunty Munya, an Aboriginal Elder

Can I call you Aunty Munya?

What is Dreamtime?

What's so important about Country?

What is an Elder?

What is the Rainbow Snake?

How do I acknowledge the Traditional Owners when it's not clear who they are?

Why Do Black Lives Matter?

Are there cultural differences between Aboriginal Nations?

How can I reconcile my black & white heritage?

Can I use Aboriginal English words?

Can a non-Indigenous person be called Aunty?

What is the Aboriginal word for Grandmother?

Are there any Aboriginal words I shouldn't use?

Can I do Dot Painting?

Did Indigenous people have a name for Australia?

Can I call myself Gubba?

Is my art offensive to Aboriginal people?

Is it ok to mention we reside on stolen lands in an Acknowledgment of Country?

Why do we warn Indigenous people about images and voices of people deceased?

Is it disrespectful to display coloniser art?

Can I call myself a Kaurna man?

Can I play the didgeridoo?

Is it OK for non-Indigenous children to participate in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day?

Ask Aunty! Can you explain gender from a First Nations perspective?

Are all Aunties also Elders?

How can I organise a cultural burn?

Is there an Indigenous Explanation for this Extreme Weather?

What is the Aboriginal word for Grandfather?

Can I use the term 'Sorry Business'?

Can I offer a Yarning Circle?

Can I give my house an Aboriginal name?

Is there any seasonal celebrations?

What is the meaning of 'Shame' in Aboriginal Culture?

How can I connect with my Aboriginal Heritage?

Is it OK for non-Indigenous people to use First Nations language?

Can an organisation implement Aboriginal Law?

How can I support a terminally ill Indigenous person?

What is the Aboriginal word for Mother Earth or Mother Nature?

Are Aboriginal languages documented?

Can you tell me about totems?

Can I perform an Indigenous songs?

What are some Aboriginal words I can use in day-to-day conversation?

How do we give credit to an Artwork created by a deceased Aboriginal artist?

How do you pronounce places names?

Do all Aboriginal people only name their children based on local dialects, or can I use words from others?

Are there Aboriginal seasons for the area of Wyreema?

If someone I meet in First Nation calls me Aunty (I'm white) what do I call them in return?

Is it true that traditionally an AOC was a way of asking permission to travel across another Nations land and a Welcome to Country a way of granting permission?

Can you explain what an Aunty, Uncle and Elder is?

What is an Ally and how can I be a good one?

What is the right way to refer to Indigenous peoples?

What is the significance of Connection to Country?

Is using the term Black Fella when referring to an Indigenous people a good word to use?

What is the appropriate term to use when referring to an Indigenous Australian?

Are There Aboriginal Atheists?

Where Can I Buy Indigenous Made Goods?

As An Author, Can I Use Dreaming Stories In My Books?

What is the right way to ask someone if they are Aboriginal or Indigenous?

Is it Ok to get a tattoo to acknowledge the traditional owners of the area?

How should we approach truth telling about Australia's history?

Is there a war chant like the Māori Haka?

Is it Ok to get a tattoo to acknowledge the traditional owners of the area?

What is the appropriate approach when talking to Aboriginal women about women's business?

What is an Ally?

How Are Colours Are Expressed in an Indigenous Language?

Why is kinship, moiety, and skin names so important to Aboriginal people?

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