The benefits of cultural awareness training with Evolve

Lasting Change
Our programs combine Indigenous leadership principles with values like collaboration, consensus and Eldership. Not only do they build cultural awareness, they also promote Indigenous ways of thinking that can be applied to any situation – and drawn upon time and time again.

Unique Models
We haven’t just taken western training models and used them to ‘tick a box’ on awareness of Indigenous cultures. Our unique models are informed by wisdom from the oldest living culture in the world. We introduce people to Indigenous ways of doing business, making deep and meaningful connections.

While the past is important, our cultural awareness training is not a history lesson. We focus instead on the cultural strengths and resilience of Indigenous peoples that offer real solutions to problems faced by all Australians.

With our R3 Culture model™, you get a practical and simple tool for improving relationships and communications with everyone.

Benefits of Cultural Awareness Training

Safe Spaces
We know we’ve run a session right when everyone is comfortable asking the questions they’ve always been too afraid to ask. Our facilitators have cheerfully answered everything from why it’s not ok for non-Indigenous Australians to pen their own Welcome to Country, to whether you can still be an Indigenous person if you’re of mixed heritage. (The answer?  Absolutely!)

Let’s be honest: no one expects a lot of laughs at cultural awareness training. But at Evolve, it’s guaranteed.

Improved Confidence
Our participants never worry again about unintentionally offending Indigenous people because they don’t know the proper cultural protocols. That means they can get down to the real business of doing meaningful work with colleagues, stakeholders and communities.

Listening Skills
Listening is an important communication tool at which Indigenous people excel. An Indigenous practice from Arnhem Land we promote is the concept of Dadirri, which means ‘deep listening’. It teaches the value of patience and the ability to listen to people and the land on a deep level.

Brand Safety
Your team will be equipped to work in a culturally appropriate way with Indigenous peoples – and without fear. This reduces the potential for reputational damage from cultural misunderstandings.

Inclusive Workspaces
Our programs are about opening your mind to all sorts of cultural differences. While the focus is on understanding, appreciating and learning from Indigenous cultures, the effects reach further and create workplaces that are more inclusive generally.

Personal Growth
The work participants do in our sessions can have a profound effect on them personally. It’s humbling, empowering and self-exploratory. Individuals experience greater empathy, self-awareness and insight into their unconscious biases.

Something For Every Learning Style
Visual, kinaesthetic, auditory, verbal we make sure we keep things moving and interactive, so there’s something for every learning style. Less “talking head” time, more engagement.

Benefits of Cultural Awareness Training
“I learnt much more than I expected, and I was also respectfully challenged to become more aware of what I didn’t know.”
— Kathy Chapman, Director, Cancer Programs Division, Cancer Council NSW