In your workplace. In your career. And in your community.

Don’t be gammon. Develop the skills to show up as an Ally to First Nations people.

In your professional life, what if you could:

  • Confidently engage and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities?
  • Attract, develop and retain diversedynamic and high-performing talent?
  • Lead with empathy and inclusion and create culturally safe workplaces and spaces?

The Ally Accreditation Program Fee is $1,300 +GST.
To request funding from your employer, copy this email template. To request a payment plan, email To explore group package options for your organisation, contact us. If you are Indigenous, click here. Your fee supports our majority Indigenous-owned, female-led business to train and employee First Nations educators.

Gammon - Aboriginal English - means fake or inauthentic

What are the benefits of the program? 

Let’s find out from some of our already Accredited Allies

Margaret Snowdon, Art & Wellbeing Therapist

Siobhan Pope, Senior Policy & Project Officer

Jan Hatch, Counsellor & Therapist

Lead the way in your workplace as an  Evolve Accredited Ally 

In this self-paced, online accreditation program you will learn how to:

  • Effectively engage, and develop meaningful professional relationships with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations.
  • Attract, develop, and retain Indigenous talent to create a dynamic, diverse, and high-performance workplace
  • Safeguard brands against the reputational damage that can result from cultural misunderstandings 
  • Confidently lead discussions around sensitive issues of race, privilege and inequity, and resolve conflict, without fear of doing or saying the wrong thing
  • Understand, develop, and champion a Reconciliation Action Plan that delivers positive change
  • Transform feelings of blame, shame, and guilt into positive action for yourself and others
  • Create culturally safe and inclusive workplaces and spaces
cultural awareness workshops

The comprehensive Evolve Ally Accreditation has been developed by Aboriginal Elder and Educator Aunty Munya Andrews and Award Winning Learning Designer and Facilitator Carla Rogers.

Together they provide:

  • Authentic cultural knowledge;
  • Decades of experience working successfully alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; and
  • Tried-and-tested Reconciliation, Allyship and Engagement frameworks that have been implemented in government departments and organisations throughout Australia.

Feedback from our Allies



  • Approximately 16-20 hours of online, on-demand course content – you can complete the program where and when it suits you within a ten-week time frame.
  • Modules on each of the course components including:
    • A comprehensive and interactive educational video from Aunty Munya and Carla
    • Critical reflection exercises to confirm understanding
  • Final assessment project (1-2 hour time commitment)

You’ll also receive: 

  • A copy of Practical Reconciliation, the companion book to the Seven Steps™ framework, co-authored by Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya Andrews
  • A copy of Journey Into Dreamtime, authored by Aunty Munya Andrews
  • A library of resources including educational videos and recommended readings
  • Critical, personalised feedback on your final assessment project



Program Overview and Requirements

  • Step 1: Practical Reconciliation and the R3 Communication Approach
  • Step 2: Diversity, Identity and Stereotypes
  • Step 3: Our Shared History and the Stolen Generation
  • Step 4: Communication, Cultural Baggage and Unconscious Bias
  • Step 5: Family and Kinship, Sorry Business and Cultural Leave
  • Step 6: Closing the Gap and Privilege
  • Step 7: Becoming an Ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Songlines Pathways®: Evolve’s Community Engagement Framework

Acknowledgement of Country: How to conduct your own, authentic acknowledgement

Accreditation Commitments

On successful completion of the program, Evolve will provide:

  • A complimentary year of Ally Accreditation status [usually $200+GST per year]
  • A Certificate of Completion and Ongoing Dedication to Allyship and Reconciliation
  • Digital Accreditation badges
  • Inclusion in our Accredited Professionals Directory
  • Invitation to our private Allies Facebook Group
  • Access to our online Accredited Ally Hub – packed full of resources
  • Access to bi-monthly online Peer Support Sessions with Aunty Munya, Carla and your fellow Allies
  • Access to bi-monthly Yarning Webinars (usually $59+GST each)

You will be required to reaffirm your commitment annually through:

Evidence of ongoing commitment and professional development including attending at least three Evolve online events per year (eg: Q&A Sessions and/or Yarning Webinars) .

Payment of the yearly Accreditation fee (first year included, scholarships available)

Passing a talking stick between hands demonstrating acceptance and reconciliation

Need help with funding?

We got you!

Copy our pre-written funding request email template to request funding from your employer. The email explains exactly why your boss should invest in your professional development and how this qualification will benefit their business.

If you are self-funded, we offer interest free payment plans. We also offer scholarships to people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who meet our requirements. To inquire, complete the form at the bottom of this page or email



For professionals seeking a qualification to prove their Cultural Competency and commitment to Reconciliation and Allyship.

Accredited Allies have mastered the internal skills and confidence to support and engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

An online, on-demand course. This is a stand-alone qualification and the first step towards obtaining Assistant and Facilitator Accreditation.



For Accredited Allies who wish to develop the skill to support others on their cultural awareness and Allyship journey.

Facilitator Accreditations is one of the pre-requisites to deliver Evolve’s cultural awareness & Allyship training programs.

This program is by invitation only.

Talk to us about arranging a payment plan. We don’t charge interest or admin fees because we believe everyone should have access. Scholarships are available for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who meet our requirements. To inquire, complete the form below or email

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