In your career. In your business. And in your community.

Prove your skills as an Ally and Reconciliation leader with an Evolve Accreditation.

These professional qualifications are for senior leaders, managers, and individuals involved in Reconciliation, Diversity & Inclusion, People & Culture, HR, and all those working alongside First Nations peoples and communities.

Ally Accreditation

For professionals

For professionals seeking a qualification to prove their commitment to Reconciliation and confidence as an Ally.

Accredited Allies master the internal skills to support and engage First Nations peoples and communities.

Cultural Awareness Workshops

For Accredited Allies

For Accredited Allies seeking a qualification to prove their readiness to assist in Reconciliation.

Accredited Facilitators develop the skills required to provide support to others engaging in a cultural awareness, Reconciliation and Allyship journey.

Ally Accreditation

For First Nations peoples

For First Nations peoples who would like to work for Evolve Communities
On successful completion of this paid internship you will be eligible to work as a sub-contractor, delivering our 7 Step workshops to organisations throughout Australia.

Why now?

  • The business case for Diversity and Inclusion is stronger than ever.  Recent research, shows that the most diverse companies are more likely to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.
  • In Australia, Reconciliation and Ally skills are increasingly in demand and recognised as a business and social imperative. Failure to effectively engage Aboriginal communities can have devastating consequences
  • Power in numbers – with only 1/30 Australian’s being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, Reconciliation requires everyday Allies.
  • Demand for Evolve’s Cultural Awareness training is greater than ever which is why we need you! The Facilitator Accreditations are one of the pre-requisites to deliver Evolve’s cultural awareness & Ally training programs.

Show others you aren’t gammon. You are an authentic and effective Ally.

In your profession and in your life, what if you could:

  • Effectively engage and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities?
  • Attract, develop and retain diverse, dynamic and high-performing talent?
  • Lead with empathy and inclusion and create culturally safe workplaces and spaces?
Gammon Definition - false, fake, pretend - Australian slang of Aboriginal origins

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