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In this training program, Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya Andrews and award winning  facilitator, Carla Rogers will teach you:

  • The systematic inequalities and challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the workplace
  • The policies and processes that need to be in place to ensure First Nations people feel welcome, engaged and motivated in your workplace
  • Practical actions you can take, as an Ally, to support, empower and champion the success of Indigenous talent

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Your Business Success Depends On The Success Of Your Indigenous Employees

As outlined in this recent research report from the McKinsey Institute, the most diverse companies are now outperforming less diverse peers on profitability.

But, when you look around your workplace, and in particular your management teams, what do you see?

  • Statistically, it’s likely your organisation’s C-suite is made up almost entirely of white men.
  • It’s likely you have more women represented in middle management but statistically, they are mostly white women.

How do you create an inclusive, high-performing workplace, when the reality is your business lacks true diversity in your management teams?

This is where diversity and inclusion training programs can make a difference. The aim of our online diversity and inclusion training program is to help your business create a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming workplace that promotes growth and harmony.

Who Are We?

Evolve’s co-Directors have decades of experience working with Diversity & Inclusion professionals across Australia to create workplaces that successfully attract, develop and champion Indigenous talent.

Aunty Munya Andrews is an Aboriginal Elder originally from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Despite growing up socially disadvantaged, she has obtained degrees in anthropology and law and is an accomplished barrister, author, educator, and sought-after speaker. 

Carla Rogers is a Churchill Fellow, award-winning program designer, facilitator and community engagement specialist. Despite being non-Indigenous, she has dedicated her career to supporting and engaging Indigenous people and communities.

Together, they bring a wealth of lived experience, authentic cultural knowledge, and they model successful black and white partnerships and Allyship. They have created a suite of innovative training programs and frameworks designed to share their love of Indigenous culture, facilitate Reconciliation and obtain their goal of inspiring ten million Allies to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia.

Evolve Co-Directors, Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya Andrews


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Frequently Asked Questions
About Diversity & Inclusion Training in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion training courses are organised educational training programs that aim to help empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the workplace and foster an environment for Indigenous talent to work harmoniously in a professional business environment. 

This diversity and inclusion training program hopes to highlight areas where people might hold prejudice or outdated beliefs, provide information to encourage positive changes to these perspectives, and train people to treat their fellow employees with respect and dignity. Our inclusion training course isn’t just for human resources. Our training programs are designed for every employee within the workplace.

Diversity and inclusion training differs per program, which can be designed based on the unique needs of each company. But, in general, the goal of diversity training is to create a healthy work environment that nurtures diversity, grow the number and participation of underrepresented employees people within the business, and increase the use of inclusive language among your employees.

Learn more in our article “What is Diversity in the Workplace?

Diversity and inclusion training is important because it raises workplace awareness around diversity and inclusion, which allows a higher level of empathy, cultural competency, and workplace sensitivity. Diversity training also encourages inclusive thinking and action, which makes space for unique perspectives and encourages open collaboration in your business workplace.

The effects of diversity and inclusion training can have a significant positive impact on an organisation’s revenue, innovation, and engagement. Research shows that companies that have more diverse management teams have higher revenue; inclusive organisations are more likely to be industry innovators; workers are more actively engaged in inclusive workplaces; businesses with higher racial and ethnic diversity often enjoy higher financial returns. You will find the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace are immense.

Diversity & inclusion training can be anything from a one-hour online session that breaks through the basics of attracting, developing, and championing Indigenous talent in your business to an in-depth multi-month diversity and inclusion program that breaks down problems at the systematic level. Either way, it typically includes an explanation of the various types of marginalisation and obstacles faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at work and guidance on how co-workers can avoid acting with bias through concrete examples of positive and negative interactions.

The training also usually concludes with guidelines on how to collaborate with others respectfully in your business and recommended policies and processes to put in place to ensure that First Nations people feel included, engaged, and motivated at work. These educational resources will lead to a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all your employees.

Training employees on diversity and inclusion starts with awareness and building cultural competence in your workplace. From there, we help people be more open to learning about diversity, identity, and stereotypes and to be more understanding of unconscious bias and how it affects how we communicate and act. Once these foundations have been laid, we can proceed to take concrete steps towards closing the gap, fostering kinship, and becoming an Ally. Our online training program is research based and can provide your employees the tools necessary to overcome bias, foster inclusion, and build unity.

Evolve Communities’ free diversity and inclusion training is led by Aboriginal Elder Aunty Munya Andres and award-winning facilitator Carla Rogers. Together, they bring a mix of lived experience and authentic cultural knowledge that they can share through frameworks designed to facilitate Reconciliation and promote inclusion and Allyship in Australia. Their training program is the best way to nurture Indigenous talent in your workplace.

Stand out in your career as a Diversity & Inclusion leader and champion of Reconciliation in Australia