Diversity and Inclusion

Did you know that a diverse and inclusive workplace is a more productive one?

Organisations may not realise it but many of them are sitting on a wealth of talent. Cultural diversity brings different viewpoints, new ideas, new attitudes and new ways of doing things. It is a powerful force of creativity and change that few organisations know how to harness and make it work for them. A diverse, inclusive workplace enables organisations to better understand customers from many cultural backgrounds, penetrate existing markets and even open up new ones.

At Evolve we have worked with hundreds of clients to harness the benefits of cultural diversity and create an inclusive workplace. We do this through:

  • Our Meeting Marketplace which is an innovative approach for organisations to engage their staff, clients and customers. It is the perfect tool for strategic business planning, conferences, community and staff engagement.
  • Collaboratively designing cultural awareness training programs that are dynamic, sustained and integrated with ongoing learning. Teaching organisations how to harness and tap into the wealth of cultural diversity in the workplace.

We work with organisations to create culturally safe working environments that increase staff diversity and retention. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients capitalise on the numerous advantages diversity has to offer to achieve enhanced business results.

The way in which we do this is different, we:

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Clients of our diversity and inclusion programs have included:



The Evolve team bring a lot of genuine passion and experience to their work, and are committed to achieving the best outcomes for their clients, adopting a solution-based approach that emphasises good working relationships and cultivates trust. They developed a facilitation plan that elicited useful high level policy feedback from participants, ensuring that the consultation was inclusive and accommodating of different communication styles.

Christine Lucas, Director, Department of Education


Evolve have a great grasp on the key and unique challenges facing Aboriginal communities and went the extra mile to establish connections throughout the community. Their approach is highly flexible, adapting to changing circumstances and challenges with the aim of making things work on the ground for community. Our main aim was that the plan belonged to the community, this has been achieved! 

Allesandro Madonna, Yalata Land Management Coordinator


Evolve Communities worked closely with us to ensure the training program was tailored and delivered to meet the needs and expectations of staff in State and Local Government. The training program was very interactive and provided a valuable opportunity to learn through participation, particularly through the use of the different engagement techniques.

Jasmine Lenders, Department of Planning and Community Development, Victoria

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