The R3 Culture Approach®

Three Steps to Stronger Relationships

Benefits of Cultural Awareness Training

Here’s one simple Reconciliation model that can develop one of the most highly-regarded soft skills in today’s workplace – in just three simple steps.

Our R3 Culture Model™ has been distilled from our years of experience, both in driving Reconciliation, and managing relationships in the workplace.  The approach is so universal that it can be applied specifically to building relationships with Indigenous peoples, or to improving any communications.

The concept?

When presented with conflict, work through these three actions, in order: reflect, relate and reconcile.

Reflect – Stop, pause and consider what lead to this situation.

Relate – Consider things from the other person’s point of view, or attempt to place yourself in his/her shoes without making too many assumptions.

Reconcile – If possible, work with the other person towards a solution.

This approach helps us on a daily basis, and in every area of our lives: family, the office and even travel. All of our programs cover the model as part of the 7 Steps to Reconciliation & Allyship, but we can explore it in more detail in a Q&A session or Interactive Workshop.