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Cultural Awareness and Competency

Are you interested in creating a workplace that is inclusive and culturally safe that recognises and celebrates diversity?

At Evolve we have worked with hundreds of clients to do this by:

  • Collaboratively designing cultural awareness training programs that are dynamic, sustained and integrated with ongoing learning.
  • Creating awareness and education about Indigenous cultural protocols, including their implementation and socialisation.
  • Support in sustaining culturally safe working environments.
  • Executive coaching for senior leaders in supporting Indigenous initiatives

Evolve brings an outstanding track record in the development and delivery of professional cultural awareness, education and training programs. We are nationally and internationally recognised as thought leaders and key providers in this specialist area.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we work with organisations to create culturally safe working environments, attract and retain Indigenous staff and increase their representation at all levels .  Our ultimate goal is to help our clients capitalise on the numerous advantages diversity has to offer to enhance business results.

The way in which we do this is different, we:

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  • CO-DESIGN: Apply design thinking, human sensing and customer analytics to create a deep and shared understanding of why cultural awareness is important to business needs. We also work to understand the needs of participants to fully engage with the program (who), increasing cultural awareness, competence, diversity and inclusion.
  • CO-CREATE: With an internal design group, having an understanding of the why (purpose) and who (needs of participants), we collaboratively design the solution. Our expertise is in ensuring that this solution is relevant, interactive and engaging; solutions are customised to meet the needs of participants and the organisation.
  • ADAPT AND IMPROVE: We usually conduct a trial and evaluation period (pilot) to test and refine the solution.
  • GROW: After solutions are trialled, we work with the design group to develop a strategy to ensure the greatest reach and impact for the training. We use the research undertaken as part of the collaborative design to inform recommendations. Evolve are specialists in collaboratively designing blended learning programs (online and face to face) with follow up support through ongoing mentoring and coaching.

Clients of our cultural awareness services have included:

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Working with Evolve Communities enabled us to draw on their rich cultural knowledge and expertise of the organisation to develop our first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Handbook. We were able to create a resource that will support our people to be more culturally aware in delivering health and care in Australia and provide guidance on showing respect to our Traditional Owners. Working together was very much a partnership and a unique learning experience that supported our commitment to reconciliation and also continuing to learn from Indigenous Australians.

Alisha Mete, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Manager,  Bupa



Evolve facilitators are incredibly knowledgeable. This training is highly interactive, tailored and kept everyone interested and involved.



This was an excellent program. I felt totally involved, connected and included.


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