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Practical Reconciliation: Strengthening Relationships for all Australians in Seven Steps

“… a very practical book and great starting place…” Bruce Pascoe, author of Dark Emu

“What an insightful and accessible book … I strongly recommend this book to all and any organisations committed to Reconciliation.” David Liddiard, OAM

“…an eminently useful book that you will return to again and again.” Justice Helen Wood

“..a much needed practical guide … a timely and important book.” Senator Rachel Siewert

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“I have just finished the book and I am already recommending it to others. I did one year of anthropology at Uni 50 years ago and a lot in your book reminded me of what I studied. I rate your book 9.5 out of 10 – not 10/10 only because I regard it impossible to be perfect- you came that close!” Steve Newnham, Oakham Grove Holdings Pty Ltd

A kinder, more peaceful Australia

You want to make a difference to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, but you’re not sure where to begin. Perhaps you’re not confident communicating with Indigenous people. Or held back by the fear of causing offense.

Does that sound like you? If so, you’re in luck.

Practical Reconciliation follows Evolve’s unique, 7 Steps™ framework to guide you towards a kinder, more peaceful Australia – one manageable step at a time.
Evolve Co-Directors Munya Andrews and Carla Rogers draw wisdom from two very different lived experiences. Together, they provide the ultimate handbook to Reconciliation in Australia today.

Why all Australians should read this book

Hear from the authors of Practical Reconciliation: Bardi Elder Aunty Munya Andrews, and learning and facilitation expert Carla Rogers.

What You’ll Learn

Feel confident working with and supporting our First Nations peoples with Practical Reconciliation’s blend of keen insight, engaging anecdotes and practical advice. This easy-to-read book will give you all the tools you need to begin to spark positive change – both in the workplace and beyond. 

Read this book, and you’ll: 

  • Dive into the intricate world of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
  • Equip yourself with the skills to communicate without fear of misunderstanding or offense
  • Build strategies for engaging communities respectfully and strengthening partnerships

And most of all, you’ll be proud of the incredible richness of the oldest continuing culture in the world. After all, it’s too deadly!

Praise for Practical Reconciliation: Strengthening Relationships for All Australians in Seven Steps

About the 7 Steps™ Approach

It’s easy to become daunted by the task of Reconciliation. That’s why Evolve Co-Directors Carla and Munya set about developing a framework that makes it achievable through a commitment to practical, every-day action. The resulting seven steps take Australians on a journey of discovery, transforming them into champions of change. 

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