Meeting Marketplace™

The Meeting Marketplace™ is a large group facilitation approach developed by Evolve to capture the wealth of information often exchanged during the ‘cuppa and yarn’. It makes it easy for people to share information, ideas, and stories in a productive and enjoyable way.
Indigenous Meeting Marketplace

Evolve Director, Carla Rogers has cleverly turned the rural tradition on of going to market on it’s head into a highly creative and effective facilitation approach. It not only fires the imagination by returning us to our childhood sense of play but it works to achieve results. It even works for cultures that don’t have a ‘market’ tradition in the European sense such as Aboriginal peoples.

The Meeting Marketplace™  has proved a hit from urbania to the most remote communities. The reason for its success among different cultures is because it caters to diversity on all levels – in business, the public sector and community affairs. Just like a real market or trade fair, each participant can choose how, when and on what subjects they engage, giving them maximum agency.

It is fun and interactive, tempting people to get involved while catering for all learning modalities and styles, be they auditory, kinaesthetic, verbal or visual. The Meeting Marketplace™ is an innovative approach for organisations to engage their staff, clients and customers and a perfect tool for strategic business planning, conferences, community and staff engagement.

Success Stories

“I just finished my Cultural Awareness training! That was so good! Really informative, easy to watch and packed with great information. Our staff are going to take so much from it.  It really is a fantastic and massive step forward for us. A really good example of collaboration and working towards reconciliation.”

Michael Scott
ANZ Director - Reconciliation and Indigenous Inclusion

“I completed the Cultural Awareness Training yesterday and just wanted to reach out and say how good I thought it was. Having lived in Darwin for 7 years I’ve worked in remote Aboriginal communities and completed a fair few Cultural Awareness training sessions over the years on different projects and with various companies. That one was by far the best. Really practical information for people to take away and start implementing in their everyday conversations with both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous people.”

Elana Balderstone
Senior Associate Environmental Consultant

“I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you from the start, and want to appreciate your agility and flexibility to create a unique session for our organisation’s needs. We walked away with a deeper understanding of honouring Country, and what it means to Acknowledge Country in an authentic way.”

Ruhee Meghani
Ruhee Meghani
Community Lead, Lululemon

“Beyond the content itself being accessible, friendly, clear and empowering. The way you’ve used technology, really lovely videos throughout the process, makes me feel connected to you both and confident in my learning and experience. We’ve applied some of this to how we engage with our clients already!”

Simon Smallchua
Founder, Harvey.

“This program has taught me so much that I didn’t know and wished I knew before today! It has provided me with much needed knowledge, and a better understanding of what I can do to contribute to Reconciliation and in creating a kinder, fairer Australia. It has given me the confidence to be an Ally and more effectively fulfil my role on our RAP working group and to be a supportive voice in society in general.”

Helen Radford
Helen Radford
Operations Manager – People and Culture

“It was an excellent learning journey and really challenged me and opened my eyes to the role of an Ally. Also, to the responsibility which comes with privilege for taking steps to close the gap in support of First Nations people. I’m now more aware of the role I play daily in being an Ally and how I can contribute towards Reconciliation.”

Evolve Accredited Ally - Paul Hooper
Paul Hopper
National Manager at The Smith Family

“I loved the activities that got us all engaged. Even though I thought I knew a bit I learnt plenty of new things. It was very worthwhile.”

Sarah Whitworth
Sarah Whitworth
Senior Analyst, Customer Insights, Expedia Group

“The course gives you a better appreciation of the history of the First Nations people.  Presentation was informal and informative.
Very easy to understand and follow along with. Everyone should do it!!!”

Maurice Pratt
Maurice Pratt
Murrays Coaches Australia

“Well worth it, it takes no time at all and gives valuable information. Aunty Munya has a wonderful, kind but direct teaching style. Great use of images and photos, music and concrete examples to help apply the content. The 7 different steps were easy to follow and answered many questions for me.”

Katie Williams
Katie Williams
Consultant, Pinsent Masons

“Contemporary, relevant and concise, the course was easy to digest and apply in small steps. It provides valuable context for cultural awareness and should be required bare minimum training for our community if we haven’t been fortunate enough to have experiential learning.”

Alex Ogg
Alex Ogg
Director, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation