Inclusive Practices In The Workplace

Cultural diversity is crucial in today’s workplaces. Achieving it is a leap towards a more inclusive world, one that’s more socially conscious, informed, and open. A culturally diverse workplace–that is, a space that welcomes, fosters, and supports people of all beliefs, backgrounds, and circumstances–is one that enjoys more benefits internally and externally.

How does cultural diversity impact different areas of work? Well, inclusive professional environments have more engaged and collaborative teams, whose positive day-to-day experiences translate into more business goals achieved, higher employee and customer retention, and better brand reputation.

Of course, being inclusive is easier said than done. Building a culturally diverse workplace takes a lot of hard work over time, but by employing inclusive practices, such as investing in diversity and inclusion training programs, practising anonymous hiring, and implementing inclusive policies and programs, among other methods, you’ll find yourself in a workplace with cultural diversity in no time!

In this guide, we’ll share some steps you can take to usher in cultural diversity in your professional setting.

Enrol in Diversity and Inclusion Training

A great first step towards cultural diversity is to enrol in diversity and inclusion training, such as the free program offered by Evolve Communities. Courses like these focus on building cultural awareness, and this one is especially geared towards understanding the plight of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and how to create an environment that better welcomes and supports them.

Practise Diverse Leadership

Inclusive practices must come from the top, and then trickle down to the rest of the company. How can you expect team members to foster cultural diversity when management isn’t pulling their weight, too? It’s best to set a good example for everyone to follow, and that means imploring key leaders to employ inclusive day-to-day manners.

Promote Open Communication

Many people are unable to embrace an inclusive mindset because they don’t have the proper education for it, which leads them to be unaware of the language, perspectives, and actions that they exhibit that are based on their prejudices. 

By opening lines of communication between team members, you open up the floor for different perspectives to come in and foster a more collaborative spirit between employees. This makes it easier for everyone to embrace differences and also helps in resolving any related conflicts that may arise.

Support Employee Resource Groups

Many Indigenous people start resource groups in which they aim to educate others about their experiences. Support these assemblies, giving them the space to speak their truths and help others learn about cultural awareness.

Employ Anonymous Hiring

You lose out on great talent if you allow prejudices to affect your decision-making. Practise anonymous hiring so that you employ new team members based only on skill and potential, regardless of who they are, how they identify, and what they believe.

Establish a Diversity Body

Accountability is important when fostering inclusivity in the workplace. You need to be able to recognize when things are going the opposite way and nip any problems in the bud. Having a diverse body to do regular check-ins and to ensure that you’re following through and diversity plans and goals is a great way to stay on track.

Use Inclusive Language

The language we use in our day-to-day professional lives can hold a lot of ground. It’s such a simple change, but using inclusive language will make a big difference as it allows every person in the workplace to feel valued and supported.

Implement Inclusive Policies and Programs

To keep your inclusive practices in check, it’s best to implement policies and programs to guide you and your team members on how to speak, act, and perform in a way that’s founded on the concept of cultural diversity. Put down some rules to follow, and do regular training and education refreshers to ensure that everyone’s still socially conscious.

Learn About Inclusive Practices in the Workplace with Evolve Communities

Diversity and inclusivity go hand-in-hand in promoting a workplace that’s safe for all people, and the best way to learn about how to practise both and to be more culturally aware is to invest in diversity and inclusion training, such as that by Evolve Communities. If you’re looking for a way to be more diverse and to implement more inclusive practices in the workplace, reach out to find out how to enrol!

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