Getting Back To Nature

In our last article we asked how you were coping and many of you replied to us personally with wonderful insights. What came through most strongly was that spending time in nature was offering a great deal of comfort. You shared that you are walking more and you expressed your gratitude to live in a place where nature is so accessible.

Could this reconnection with nature be the silver lining of our current circumstances?

Studies show that every year we’re increasing the time we spend indoors and behind our screens. At the same time we’re seeing increased incidents of depression, anxiety, obesity and diabetes. What we know is that both our physical and mental health are improved by spending more time outdoors.

It was this knowledge that motivated the creators of the documentary series Back to Nature, which premieres tonight, Tuesday 10 August, on ABC TV and iView. They wanted to create a visually stunning series that would inspire all Australians to reconnect with our natural environment, for the benefit of our health and the health of the planet. 

In the series, Aaron Pedersen and bestselling writer Holly Ringland take you on a journey into the deep interconnectedness between human beings and the landscape, exploring unfamiliar stories involving mystery, geology, history, traditional Indigenous knowledge and natural science. 

Our co-Director, Aunty Munya Andrews is proud to have been engaged as a mentor and consultant to the team, ensuring that the Indigenous knowledge, place names and stories shared are authentic and accurate.

At a time when humans are more disconnected from nature than ever before, Back to Nature’s gorgeous cinematography, immersive soundscapes, and compelling, emotional stories provide a breath of fresh air, and an invitation to slow down and reconnect to Country.

You can watch the series trailer here:

Back to Nature also offers an opportunity to help lay the groundwork for mainstream awareness of Traditional knowledge of Country and for inviting all Australians into an understanding that we are not separate from nature, but intimately connected to everything in it. 

How does being in nature support your wellbeing? We’d love for you to share your reflections and insights in the comments below.

And, if you would like to learn more about the special relationship that exists between Indigenous people and Country, and learn how all Australians can connect to, care for and Heal Country, we invite you to access our Heal Country webinar.

“The webinar helped me to understand why Country is so important. I loved that it was mostly filmed outside and it showed Aunty Munya and Carla walking on Country and speaking in Bardi. It was calming. The practical examples of what I could do to bring about change were really helpful. Esso.”

Julia Donohue, Hoffman Donohue


“The Heal Country webinar provides an amazing opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal cultures and practices and shows us how to interact respectfully as an ally with Indigenous people.”

Lucy Doran, Ability Options

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  • Tendai Chikweche
    August 10, 2021 4:42 am

    We are honoured to still have some natural parklands around where we live and with the current restrictions ,taking walks with my girls in the reserve has been a breadth of fresh air , we are lucky to be able to see Roos roam around without confinement and fear of human beings….great to see how we can share and enjoy the natural beauty with the animals..and coincidentally one of my girls’ school project is about preservation of our natural environment and highlighting some of the disruptive practices that we as humans often bring to the land,these walks and reflection have been useful in us sharing the gift of nature and how we can all play a part in its preservation. These nature walks have become a highlight we look forward to as a family.The gift and love of nature

  • It was amazing 2 weeks ago managed to get out of the city and did some walking in the beautiful outdoors – it was amazing to just be out in nature listening to the creatures, reflecting on who and what had been there before us and the amazing landscapes. Walking in silence and just appreciating what was around us was amazing. the rain was gentling falling and that changed the landscape – we all need to get out and appreciate nature more.


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