Maria Raines, Marketing Manager, Evolve CommunitiesMARIA RAINES

Marketing Manager & Ally


Maria Raines is a non-Indigenous Ally and the Marketing Manager at Evolve Communities. Her extensive background in digital marketing and communications support’s our purpose of promoting Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Allyship. With more than twenty years experience, Maria is instrumental in enhancing Evolve Communities’ reach and impact, strategically overseeing their marketing operations, including social media, SEO, and email campaigns. Her work not only educates but also fosters community engagement, driving our growth and advancing Reconciliation efforts in Australia.

Maria’s dedication to inclusivity is at the core of her marketing strategy. Her efforts have been pivotal in raising brand awareness and recognition, notably achieving LinkedIn Top Voice status for co-Director and Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya Andrews, in 2023.

Maria’s commitment as an Ally is woven through every marketing initiative she leads, ensuring that Evolve Communities’ messages resonate deeply with diverse audiences and contribute meaningfully to societal change. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal commitment, not only inspires Allyship and drives Evolve Communities forward but also makes a significant contribution to creating a more culturally aware and reconciled Australia.


Take The Ally Pledge

Join Maria and show our Indigenous brothers and sisters that we are here for them, we value their Voices and we are committed to continuing the journey towards Reconciliation.

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