Aunty Munya Andrews, Director, Aboriginal Educator & AuthorAUNTY MUNYA ANDREWS

Director, Aboriginal Elder & Cultural Educator


Aunty Munya is an Aboriginal Elder originally from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Despite a socially disadvantaged background and not speaking for the first five years of her life, Aunty Munya has been an accomplished and influential voice for her community. As a public speaker, she is much sought after in Australia and abroad.

Educated in Australia and the USA, Aunty Munya has degrees in anthropology and law. She has practised law in Victoria and New South Wales as a solicitor and barrister, including as a legal academic at the University of Melbourne and at Southern Cross University, teaching Indigenous legal subjects.

As an Elder, Aunty Munya is equally well-versed in traditional laws, customs and practices.

Like many Aboriginal people, Aunty Munya has learned to work and live in two worlds. Her dream is to bring them closer together, and cultural awareness is an invaluable tool in the process.


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