Greg Sax, Evolve Accredited Indigenous FacilitatorGREG SAX

Indigenous Facilitator


Greg Sax is a dedicated Taungurung man (originally from country Victoria) who calls Brisbane home. As an Evolve Accredited Facilitator, Greg brings a wealth of experience in cultural sharing, community engagement, and corporate training. His passion for introducing participants to Indigenous wisdom is evident in every workshop he facilitates. Greg’s natural enthusiasm creates a warm and welcoming environment, fostering meaningful dialogue and understanding among participants.

 Combining his experience as the Director of a Recruitment agency specialising in Indigenous professional recruitment, with a wide array of both personal and professional experiences, Greg is adept at connecting with individuals from all walks of life. His commitment to communication and problem-solving ensures a seamless workshop experience, where participants feel valued and engaged.

Greg’s journey has taken him across the globe, from diving in Vanuatu to providing security for foreign dignitaries in Europe. These unique experiences have shaped his perspective and equipped him with invaluable skills for facilitating meaningful discussions on cultural awareness and reconciliation.

 Through his work with Evolve, Greg is driven to inspire others to become passionate and effective Allies to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples. His dedication to promoting understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures makes him a valuable asset to any workshop setting.


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