Dani Fitzgerald - Indigenous Accredited FacilitatorDANI FITZGERALD

Indigenous Facilitator


Dani Fitzgerald is a proud Kooma woman currently residing in Brisbane. Her mob are from South West Queensland. As an Evolve Accredited Facilitator, Dani brings a wealth of experience in cultural awareness and Indigenous facilitation to the room. With a background deeply rooted in sharing culture and facilitating workshops, Dani embodies a natural enthusiasm that sets a warm and welcoming tone for every session.

Dani’s journey is one of commitment and passion, driven by a desire to bridge understanding between cultures. Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Dani’s facilitation style is enriched by her genuine love for working with groups and introducing Indigenous wisdom to participants. Her infectious energy creates an environment where learning flourishes, fostering not just awareness, but genuine connection and growth.

Beyond her role as a facilitator, Dani is a beacon of empathy and understanding, embodying the values of respect and diversity in every interaction. Her multicultural outlook, grounded in her Aboriginal heritage, enriches the fabric of every dialogue, ensuring a space where all voices are heard and valued.

In Dani, participants find not just a facilitator, but a guide on a journey of mutual understanding and growth, where Indigenous wisdom meets contemporary learning, and every voice finds its place in the circle.


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