Mija Crasnich, Client Experience Manager, Evolve CommunitiesMIJA CRASNICH

Client Experience Manager & Ally


Mija Crasnich is a non-Indigenous Ally and the Client Experience Manager at Evolve Communities. She plays a vital role in nurturing client partnerships, relationships, and sales. As the primary point of contact, Mija is pivotal in supporting our clients to meet their Reconciliation goals and enhance cultural competency in their workplaces. Her commitment to driving the growth of Evolve Communities is evident through her exceptional sales skills and dedication to meeting revenue targets.

With a background in client relationship and business management, Mija excels in delivering tailored solutions that ensure clients fully benefit from Evolve’s diverse range of products and programs. Her expertise as a Customer Experience and Sales Manager allows her to provide win-win outcomes, consistently enhancing client satisfaction and engagement.

Mija is passionate about supporting the visionary work of Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya Andrews, and award-winning Learning Designer, Carla Rogers, in their mission to inspire ten million Allies towards a kinder, more inclusive Australia. Outside of her professional commitments, Mija enjoys swimming in the ocean on Dharawal Country and volunteers as a surf lifesaver.


Take The Ally Pledge

Join Mija and show our Indigenous brothers and sisters that we are here for them, we value their Voices and we are committed to continuing the journey towards Reconciliation.

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