Introducing Ask An Ally

Have you ever found yourself:

  • Unsure if you are using correct terminology and showing respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?
  • Confused about the behaviour of an Indigenous colleague, client or stakeholder?
  • Wondering why, in a conversation with a First Nations person, they suddenly went cold?

Carla Rogers has been working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities since she started out in her career over 30 years ago. And over the years she’s had her fair share of awkward moments and hard yarns.

We know from our experience, delivering cultural awareness training to tens of thousands of Australians, that most people want to do the right thing. They want to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in an appropriate and respectful way and do their part to support Reconciliation.

But sometimes fear, of doing or saying the wrong thing, can get in the way of taking effective action. If only there were someone to ask without the fear of of being ridiculed, shamed or blamed!

Fear no more! Carla Rogers, experienced Ally, Community Engagement specialist and our Co-Director, is here to answer your questions (anonymously)!

Head on over to Ask An Ally, to check out some recently asked questions and answers and to submit your own!

Below is an example of a response to a question we received from an HR professional. She had an experience with a talented Aboriginal employee who was struggling with some personal issues. She tried to offer support but was met with silence and sadly, the employee went on to resign.

She asked, what could she do differently going forward to engage, support and retain Indigenous employees?

If you’d like to take your commitment to Allyship further, and lead as a confident Ally in your profession, take a look at our Ally Accreditation Program.

As an Evolve Accredited Ally, you’ll stand out as an authentic Ally with the professional skills to:

  • Effectively engage and empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.
  • Attract, develop and retain diversedynamic and high-performing talent.
  • Lead with empathy and inclusion and create culturally safe workplaces and spaces.

Stand out in your career as an effective Ally and Reconciliation leader.

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